Welcome to 'SRI StyleFinder' Questionnaire. This tool helps you identify your preferred 'sustainable and responsible' or 'ethical' investment Style(s) and helps you to prepare for discussing this area with your financial adviser.

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Balanced Ethical fund indicator. Confirm that your client wants to invest in companies that are on balance 'positive'. Such funds may apply 'de minimus' acceptance levels for some activities - eg tobacco as 10% of company turnover. Use the Policy and Features options to help understand their views better. Balanced Ethical, Sustainable, Environmental or ESG options may also suit.
ESG plus
Sustainability themed fund indicator. Confirm client's emphasis is sustainability and that negative exclusions are not a priority. If client is happy to have exposure to higher risk funds some clean tech exposure may also appeal. (Env, Bal)
Environmental theme indicator. All environmental funds will take climate change /carbon emissions into account to a greater of lesser degree. Most sustainability themed options and some ethical options may also suit.
Use 'Policy' and 'Features' filters and fund manager text and links to help refine search.
Responsible Ownership indicator. See Corporate Activity fields for further information about responsible ownership practices. Strategies of this kind are about encouraging better environmental, social and governance business practices that also benefit investors. Check client understands share ownership and if directed to a bond fund that they understand they do not have voting rights but do offer the opportunity for dialogue.
Sustainablity Tilt focused
Social themed funds are likely to suit this investor best however as there are few funds in this cohort - sustainability themed or ethical options could also be considered.
Check which religion yoru client is interested in look at Faith based funds. Some other funds may be appropriate for and match fund to client's needs.
You can also consider using the 'faith friendly' option within 'Other Features' filter as this will highlight potentially appropriate options that do not specifically market themselves as being for faith based investors..
Balanced Ethical fund indicator. Confirm that client wants to invest in more 'ethical' companies that probably have some strong positive aspects and some negative issues - that they are probably working to improve. Other options may also suit - check clients preferences against 'Policy' and 'Features' filters and fund manager text to refine your search.
Negative Ethical indicator. Check which issues client wishes to avoid.
This question indicates 'pure ethical' issues are of concern - negative ethical options re likely to be he best match, but all other SRI Styles except Responsible Ownership may have options that suit.
Use 'Policy' and 'Features' filters and fund manager text and links to refine your search.
Environmental theme indicator. Sustainability themed options and funds with ethical screening criteria alongside environmental focus may also be suitable.
Use 'Policy' and 'Features' filters and fund manager text and links to help refine search.
Environmental theme indicator. Check whether or not client is looking to combine this with ethical screens. Some environmental funds do others do not. Check if client focus is making money from opportunities or encouraging better practices - funds vary. (Bal, Sus, Clean Tech)
This points to Ethically Balanced options. Confirm that your client wants to invest in better managed companies and understands that they may have both positive and negative aspects - which in some cases fund managers may be encouraging them to improve on. Other strategies may be more suitable depending on their personal interests. Consider Negative ethical, Sustainability themed and some ESG options.
Please note there are only a small number of options in this category at present. Pure 'Social Themed' retail funds are in their infancy. Other 'ethical' or 'themed' options may be suitable alternatives for some investors.
Check which religion. Funds in this group are mainly for Islamic investors. For non Muslim investors consider traditional/negative ethical options - use the 'Faith Friendly' option in the Approaches and Application filter for possible alternatives.
Sustainability fund indicator. Confirm that sustainability is main interest (this combines environmental an social issues) - such funds are likely to avoid the 'worst' companies in most sectors - but negative exclusions may be limited.
This relates primarily to ESG Integration which can help reduce risk for medium and longer term investors. This can apply to an individual fund or the entire assets of a fund management company. Check Policy and Feature fields to ensure fund strategies suit your clients personal preferences.
Negative Ethical indicator. Strict ethical screening probably required. Check which issues client has strong views on - you may need to do additional research to check which issues are avoided. If interested in supporting positive companies also consider balanced ethical and sustainability funds.
Sustainability themed fund indicator. Confirm client's emphasis is the sustainability and that negative exclusions are not a priority.
An 'ESG integration' indicator. Some managers integrate these areas into their investment decisions as a core element of individual funds or across the board. Where no screening exists the focus is normally around minimising risk. See Policy and Features filters for individual strategies.
Social themed fund indicator. Be aware this is a new group with few options. Ethical or Sustainability themed funds may be a sensible alternative.
Env theme
sustainabiltiy tilt
Environmenally themed funds are most likely to focus on an individual, specific named environmental themes although other options may have some similar characteristics.
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